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There is always a new beginning

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What is Soulber?

Soulber is revolutionizing the recovery and treatment industry through innovative ways that help improve the continuum of care. Our mission statement is to provide support and guidance for recovering addicts by creating a platform that allows them to reintegrate into society and their families to hold them accountable for their sobriety.

The solution to addiction is making meaningful connections.
Let us help you get your life back on track.
Find the best living space to suit your needs.
Family Care
Track your loved one's progress through our fully functional admin panel.
Don't go through this journey alone.
Connection is the solution to addiction. Here at Soulber, we truly believe that. Join our virtual sober community today.
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Integrate back into society with ease.
Our user-friendly app is built to help you find jobs,
find housing and rebuild broken relatioships.
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Penny Lane
Denver, Colorado
1500 sqft
Los Angeles, California
800 sqft
The Grove
Tucson, Arizona
1012 sqft
Family Portal
Track your loved one's progress.
Its difficult to know what's going on with your child and whether or not they're safe, which is why we designed this admin panel to allow parents to define their child's growth.
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About Us
Over time, throughout every center I went to, I found significant gaps in how they prepared clients for post-treatment. Two of the most important elements of recovery is re-establishing trust between clients and their family members and the maintenance of sobriety as an outpatient. After failing to see the centers integrate these elements into their treatment plans, I started to consider better ways to prepare people for recovery post-treatment. With months of planning and analyzing the industry as a whole, I am attempting to combine my knowledge and experience from treatment in order to create a platform that can better help recovering addicts rebuild lost and broken relationships, while holding themselves accountable on a safe and open platform with others also in recovery.
- Pinchas Kras, CEO
The Soulber Clan
Pinchas Kras
CEO & Founder
Shaya Kutnowski
CTO & Co-Founder
Yona Durbach
Creative Director
Marc Lefkowitz
Program Manager
Our Locations
4950 Queen Mary, Montreal, QC H3W 1X2, Canada
290 Caldari Road, Vaughan ON L4K 4J4, Canada
New York
1083 Main St. Champlain NY 12919, USA
123 E Indianola Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85012, USA
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